Mixed paella recipe - Easy paella

The first thing you should know is that the mixed paella is different from the seafood paella and the Valencian paella.

The mixed paella is mainly made with chicken and seafood, but you can accept pork, rabbit, snails ...

Valencian paella is made with chicken and rabbit.

And the seafood paella is made with ... obvious, hehehe.

The fun of mixed paellas is that they lend themselves to the creativity of those who cook them, and there are many different homemade recipes for this dish. All are valid and clear, delicious.

The other thing I like about this dish is that it is a recipe for easy paella , and anyone, even with little experience, you can prepare it.

For the mixed paella recipe that I'm going to give you next, I used round-grain white rice, which is a bit domed, but if you do not have it, use the long-grain one.

I used chopped chicken butts, some prawns, squid and some mussels. Feel free to put crayfish, clams, clams or any fruit of the sea that you like.

Some people put chorizo, in fact in many bars, when you order a beer and they put a small plate of paella mixed as a tapa, it is very common to have pieces of chorizo. If you want you can put it, but beware that its flavor can cover all others, use it in small quantities.

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 mixed paella recipe

How to make mixed paella

To make this recipe you need a paella pan, preferably made of Teflon so that you do not Stick the rice.This is also an easy paella to make.Garlic cut it into thin slices.

  • You can chop half of the pepper in cubes small and the other half in long strips to decorate.
  • In a pan to make paella (commonly known as paellerfried in olive oil, onion, garlic, tomato and diced pepper.
  • Add the chicken and cook until light brown on all sides, then add the squid and cook until they turn white.
  • Put the mussels in. Let it cook for a couple of minutes.
  • Add the cup of rice, stir a little and add the broth of fish.
  • Put salt and pepper to taste and a little yellow dye.
  • Just break to boil put the fresh prawns and peas. Mix well and let it cook.
  • When the liquid begins to dry, put the pepper strips on top as decoration.
  • When the broth dries (Beware of distracting yourself and your paella burning), lower the heat to a minimum and cover.
  • Let it cook for 15 minutes.
  • Check the grain of rice, it should be ready (and delicious). Turn off the fire and remove from the burner.
  •  how to prepare mixed paella

    After having removed it from the heat, let it rest for a couple of minutes and serve your paella mixed with a piece of lemon on the side to each diner.

    Do not forget to pour a good splash of extra virgin olive oil at the time of eating it.

    You can accompany this mixed paella recipe with a rich salad and a good glass of olive oil. red wine.

    Enjoy your plate of food and invite your friends to taste it.