About Wine Barn Winery & Vineyard and reviews

Our Mission

To offer our patrons a welcoming and unique customer experience where they can relax and enjoy our affordable, local, handcrafted wines in our quiet country setting in the midst of the city, surrounded by our vineyards and beautiful landscape.

Our History

The Wine Barn is a family owned business operating since 2009.  The Wine Barn is nestled on 16 acres of land. The location is quite beautiful. Located just minutes from the ever growing Legends District of shopping and dining, and minutes from I-435 and I-70 makes it easily accessible. The Wine Barn itself sets just next to the vineyard and overlooks the pond. Although minutes from just about anything, once you turn onto our grounds, you are worlds away.

It is our goal to make wine the traditional way with help from current technology. Our wide variety of estate produced wines allows our winery to showcase wines that are satisfying to both the novice and the experienced wine drinker.

The initial intent of the Wine Barn was to grow grapes for sale and enter into winemaking as a hobby.

Demands by friends to sell our wines as well as success in local competitions, inspired our quest to develop a winery. We opened our doors for business in May 2009. At that time the Hiatt’s and the Coco’s were partners in the business. Since then, the Hiatt family has acquired ownership. Their daughter and son-in-law, Celeste and Brian Mikijanis, are now partners in the business.

Mr. Hiatt has been making wine for over a decade. Hobby wine making was previously performed in the cellar of the personal residence for over a dozen years with a number of friends participating in the production of wine for their own use. Brian, now taking over the title of winemaker, devotes his time to developing wines that will set us apart and can be appreciated by all.

The actual Wine Barn building was completed in 2007 and all equipment was moved to the facility in the summer of 2007. The facility has been developed to provide a winery and tasting room. Our first vintage in 2008 produced over 500 gallons of Kansas grown grapes and fruit wine along with vinifera and French hybrid grapes.

HOTT SCIATT Vineyard was started in 2006 and boasts of 10 different varieties to include French Hybrid vinifera and American Native grapes. The largest planting is of Norton and Chambourcin grapes. We have also introduced Zweigelt, an Australian vinifera grape to the area. This vineyard now extends to over 7 acres.

Our Kansas grape wines are augmented by fruit wines also from the State of Kansas. Our signature apple pear blend has been received well in competitions and wine tasting for many years. Other wines such as blackberry, raspberry and other fruit wines are also produced, along with local favorites, such as Racing Adventure, named after the Nascar Speedway, and Legendary Rose’ which gives homage to the Legends Shopping district which is just minutes away.

We enjoy each and every person we meet and enjoy sharing our story. Stop in to say hello and try some of our family wines!

This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.”

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Seasonal Hours:
Tasting room open Saturday and Sundays from 12:00 to 5:00 PM or anytime by appointment.

Also available by appointment


2850 N. 119th Street

Kansas City, KS 66109

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Adam S.

Important stuff first: This place is closing soon, potentially as soon as October. If you have any Groupons or want to experience it, now is the time! I met my wife's coworker and his friends up here for a wine tasting and enjoyed it. The land surrounding it is beautiful, and it's tucked away nicely. The little tasting barn wasn't the nicest, it's sort of just a space. However, our hostess was awesome, personable, and helped make everything really fun. I really enjoyed a few of the wines! I'm not normally enamored with Kansas wines, but there were a few that were absolutely hitting the spot on this summer evening. We had just enough to feel warm and toasty, took a glass on the patio and closed the place down officially.

Kristen L.

We went out here this summer to hear some live music. Our friend was playing with his band. Great idea on a summer night to enjoy friends, wine and music outside. You could bring your own snack and relax at a picnic table. But the only other drink you could bring was water. They did have a bbq stand with some pricy but tasty sandwiches. Downside, their wine is not that great so we were stuck with water. I liked that you could see the grapes on the vine and there's a nice pond in front. The setting was pretty. There's not really anything to tour, so if you come out when there's not live music there's not much to see or do. Plus the staff really were not very nice. Our friends didn't know and tried to bring their own beer. This staff lady yelled at them like they were kids in front of everyone. Then threaten to kick them out if they didn't dispose of the beer immediately. Later we found out from someone else that beer violated their liquor license and they could get in trouble. So why not calmly explain that and ask them to toss it. Rather than yelling at them in front of everyone. Would have left immediately after that but had promised our buddy we'd stay to hear his band.

Chad T.

The tasting room is pretty small but it gets the job done. We liked all their wines and the hostess was great.

Erin W.

I got a groupon for the tasting with apps for up to 10 people. I am mostly a dry wine fan, so I was a little disappointed when I was told they were out of most of their dry wines. However, once the tasting started, I noticed their mildly sweet wines were pretty good as well. We had some dip and veggies and crackers and cheese for our apps. There were several of the wines that I liked and took home. Being from Wyandotte County, the Original dotte label gets me every time...so of course one of those came home with me too (even though it was not one of my favorite wines). The toppers for me were Vignoles, Holiday Wine (limited time only), Riesling, and Louise Swenson. Once he gets the other dry wines up and going again (about a year), I'd love to come back and try those as well...but not paying that much to do so. There is definitely something for everyone here. *Side note-if you come to their (or any winery's) summer music or events...it's illegal to bring your own booze of any kind. They can have their liquor license pulled for this. Anyone that tells you that you have to follow this rule is only protecting their business...not being mean to you.* I'd definitely recommend this winery

Bridgette L.

Great wine and good people. They host our Wine Down & Paint parties here once a month and everyone always has fun!

Amanda W.

Love having this winery in 'the dotte' - their wines are definitely on the sweeter side, which isnt really my thing, but they're really great, despite the sweet. Came here with some friends for a tasting based on a Groupon she bought. The guy running it was incredibly kind, and even let us try a couple that weren't originally on the line up.

About Wine Barn Winery & Vineyard and reviewsAbout Wine Barn Winery & Vineyard and reviewsAbout Wine Barn Winery & Vineyard and reviews

About Wine Barn Winery & Vineyard and reviewsAbout Wine Barn Winery & Vineyard and reviewsAbout Wine Barn Winery & Vineyard and reviews

About Wine Barn Winery & Vineyard and reviewsAbout Wine Barn Winery & Vineyard and reviewsAbout Wine Barn Winery & Vineyard and reviewsAbout Wine Barn Winery & Vineyard and reviews